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Director of Cloud Development



Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2024

Director of Cloud Development

  • Engineering
  • Poland


ScyllaDB is a leading provider of high-performance, highly scalable NoSQL database solutions. Established with a vision to overcome the limitations of traditional databases, we have engineered a robust, open-source database that delivers exceptional speed, low-latency, and unmatched reliability.

ScyllaDB offers a DBaaS called ScyllaDB Cloud - developed and maintained by a group of circa 40 Engineers, DevOps, and QAs. ScyllaDB Cloud is a managed NoSQL database service designed for high performance and scalability. It is based on the open-source ScyllaDB, which is known for its low-latency, high-throughput capabilities and compatibility with Apache Cassandra and DynamoDB.

ScyllaDB Cloud offers features like automated scaling, backups, and updates, reducing the operational burden on users. It's optimized for demanding applications that require real-time processing and large-scale data handling, making it suitable for industries such as IoT, finance, and telecommunications. The cloud service ensures high availability, security, and seamless integration with existing data infrastructure.

In this position, you will work closely and report to our VP of Software Engineering - Gabriel M. Mizrahi - and you will be responsible for:

1. Sprint Planning and Management

- Lead and facilitate sprint planning meetings.

- Define sprint goals, prioritize tasks, and ensure alignment with business objectives.

- Monitor sprint progress and adjust plans as necessary to meet deadlines and objectives.

2. Team Management

- Oversee the full stack and back-end development teams.

- Foster a collaborative and high-performance team culture.

- Conduct regular one-on-one meetings, performance reviews, and career development sessions.

3. Resource Allocation

- Efficiently allocate engineering resources to various projects and tasks.

- Ensure the right skills are assigned to the right tasks, balancing workloads across teams.

- Manage hiring processes to fill skill gaps and expand team capabilities.

4. Progress Tracking

- Implement and utilize project management tools to track progress and productivity.

- Generate and review progress reports, ensuring transparency and accountability.

- Identify and resolve roadblocks and bottlenecks in project execution.

5. Domain Ownership

- Own and be accountable for designated domains within the engineering organization.

- Ensure domains are aligned with overall company strategy and technical vision.

- Drive continuous improvement and innovation within these domains.

6. Collaboration and Communication

- Work closely with cross-functional teams, including product management, QA, and operations, to deliver high-quality products.

- Communicate engineering plans, progress, and issues to stakeholders, including the VP of Engineering.

- Advocate for engineering needs and priorities within the broader organization.

7. Technical Leadership

- Stay current with industry trends and best practices to guide technical direction.

- Provide technical guidance and mentorship to team members.

- Ensure code quality, security, and performance standards are met.


1. Technical Expertise:

- Proficient in Golang, React, and TypeScript.

- Strong understanding of cloud technologies, specifically AWS.

- Experience with infrastructure as code tools such as Terraform.

- Solid foundation in full stack and back-end development practices.

2. Management Experience:

- Minimum of 5 years of director-level management experience in an engineering or software development environment.

- Proven experience managing multiple teams across different countries.

- Demonstrated ability to lead and mentor engineering teams, fostering a collaborative and productive environment.

3. Industry Experience:

- Prior experience working in a SaaS (Software as a Service) company is highly advantageous.

- Familiarity with the challenges and requirements of scaling SaaS products and platforms.

4. DevOps and Infrastructure:

- Experience with DevOps practices and tools is a significant advantage.

- Understanding of CI/CD pipelines, automated testing, and deployment strategies.

5. Project and Resource Management:

- Expertise in sprint planning, project management, and resource allocation.

- Ability to track progress and ensure timely delivery of engineering projects.

6. Strategic and Technical Vision:

- Ability to align engineering activities with overall company strategy and goals.

- Strong strategic planning skills with the capability to contribute to the engineering department's roadmap.

7. Communication and Collaboration:

- Excellent communication skills, capable of conveying complex technical information to stakeholders at all levels.

- Experience working with cross-functional teams including product management, QA, and operations.

8. Problem Solving and Innovation:

- Strong problem-solving skills with a track record of driving continuous improvement and innovation.

- Ability to identify and resolve technical and operational challenges effectively.

9. Educational Background:

- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field; advanced degree preferred.

10. Cultural Fit:

- Ability to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

- Strong leadership qualities with a focus on building a positive team culture.